I’m writing this from my hotel room bed. I don’t know a single person in the state of Nevada. I can hear someone coughing in the hallway. The TV is on and the room smells like the ginger-turmeric tea I just made (bless Trader Joe’s!) and after I write this I’m going to open the window and let the chilly desert air sweep in.

It’s a new year! Out with the old. In with the new.

I love new years; not for the parties, but for the idea of a blank page. I’m big on setting intentions and goals and I LOVE making lists (as most of you, my friends know). It’s how my brain works! But I’m really not a fan of the “new year, new you” idea; that on this one day we’re all suddenly going to change everything about ourselves just because it’s the turn of the year. We have to operate from the fundamental value that we are good enough the way we are and if there are changes we’d like to make in our lives, make them out of that place.

This year’s goals are still a work in progress, but I figured I’d share them with you for my first EVER blog post. Warning: they’re big. And there are many. But that’s just how I roll. Under each main intention I add specific action items or changes that I want to make or sub-goals to help me get there… I consider my list below my overall game plan for 2018!

My intentions for 2018 are all about challenging myself to grow further. I want to become a better person.

I use 4 categories to set my main intentions: Career/Work, Health&Body, Personal Development and Love. If they resonate with you I invite you to use this as a framework to set your own goals! I’ve narrowed everything down to these 4 main areas, and when I look at the four, I arrive at one single thing that connects them all. This will become my mantra for the year. So, here it goes!

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